Apartment Moving Checklist: What to Do Before Move-In Day

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting experience. For some, it may represent the first time that they have lived without any parental supervision. For others, it may represent a fresh start in their lives. Regardless of why you are moving, there are many tasks that you need to complete before move-in day.


1. Figure Out What You Need to Furnish Your Apartment

If your apartment is not already furnished, you may need to bring your couch, bed, and dining room table. If you don’t have a couch or table already, you may need to buy one. It may also be necessary to bring or buy curtains, rugs and other items to create a space that you will enjoy living in.

2. What Will You Do With Your Pet?

Not all apartment complexes allow pets. In some cases, the landlord may not allow the type of animal that you have to live in your new place. Therefore, it may be necessary to give your pet to a friend or ask mom and dad if it can stay at their place. If you are allowed to bring your pet, make sure that there is a vet nearby and that your pup is suited to apartment living. You should also make sure that it has been trained to interact with other people and animals appropriately.

3. Talk With Your Roommates

It isn’t uncommon for an individual to share a home or townhouse with other people. If you are moving in with roommates who you haven’t met before, it is a good idea to have a conversation with them. This may give you the opportunity to learn more about the people who live there and any ground rules that they may have. For instance, it may be frowned upon to make noise before noon because the others work overnight and don’t have a typical sleep schedule.

4. Schedule Appointments to Get the Utilities Turned On

Most apartments will advertise the fact that they are cable ready. However, this merely means that there is cable available if you choose to have it hooked up. You may also need to call the power and water companies to have those services activated.

As a general rule, a landlord may handle heat and hot water while requiring that you put other services in your own name. If you are moving from an apartment that you are currently renting, it may be possible to transfer service, which may allow it to be ready when you arrive.


Ideally, the apartment that you live in will be both affordable and located in a convenient location. If you have pets, make sure that the place you rent takes their needs into account too. And don’t forget to book your movers (see this site for cheap rates) at least a few days ahead of the move. By preparing in advance of your move, you can reduce the stress that is often felt on moving day.

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